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Delivery Explained

Each delivery category refers to a specific supplier of products on the SCFP store. As we do not have the means to keep individual suppliers stock on hand in one location we ship orders from multiple suppliers if the items in your cart originate from multiple suppliers. Each product item shows the category the product is shipping from (origin of supplier) as well as bring grouped by category/supplier in the cart. When checking out you will be required to select the shipping option of each category/supplier.

PLEASE NOTE: these are delivery options per area per supplier. Your order may require more than 1 delivery option/cost.

Category B - Delivery / Pickup (from Kempton Park) Delivery Options

Pickup (Kempton Park)

Pickup your package yourself


Category G - Delivery / Collection (Krugersdorp) Delivery Options


Collect from Krugersdorp


Supplier M - Crochet Bear Delivery Options

Collection (Krugersdorp)

Collection (Krugersdorp)


Supplier N Delivery Options

Collection (Strydom Park)

User can collect from Strydom Park


Supplier O - Delivery / Pickup (from Centurion/Kempton Park) Delivery Options

Collection (Centurion)


Collection (Kempton Park)